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Cows, Cats, Crazy Roots

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What disease affects both humans and potatoes?

(answer at the end of the post)

Since we are on the subject of root vegetables, let me introduce you to the Jerusalem Artichoke (also known as the sunchoke).  I have never used them before and today I got to harvest some as well as cook with them.  I really enjoyed them, nice and crisp when they are raw with a subtle earthy flavor.


The other day, to celebrate Halloween, Holly and I carved up a couple of her pumpkins.  Thanks to Sue not participating I was able to produce the second best pumpkin in the house.

Dr. Doolittle

The animals here sometimes show pretty distinct personalities.  I often imagine what they would be saying to me if they could talk.  Throughout this post I have included some snippets of that imaginary dialogue.

We rolled out some more hay for the cows yesterday.  It can actually be quite entertaining.  Usually we start at the top of the hill, unwrap the hay a little bit, open the gate, and send it rolling through.  The first time we did this it was pretty impressive, the hay managed to roll a good hundred yards down the hill before it stopped in the middle of the field.

Iron Grip

I have written previously about how aggressive Fionne is when it comes to snuggling.  I just want to make sure everyone knows that I wasn’t exaggerating.  I recommend clicking the second to last picture.  This cat is ridiculous.



answer –> Tuberculosis!


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  1. Tuber…culosis? Aaaaaaah, my brain just exploded. Actually, it exploded earlier this evening, ’cause that kale-and-jerusalem artichoke pizza and those sticky buns were mind-blowingly good.


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